I went as EVA from Wall-e for Halloween 2022, and here is how it went!

Its started of with some basic sketches

The most frustrating part of the Costume for me was actually curating the different parts of the Costume… Because amazon gave up on me.
I did a very last minute Micheal’s run in Secaucus – because all the New York stores were out of Everything – its Halloween!

This is the shopping list :
– Foam Roll 8 mm(Micheal’s)
– Velcrose (Home depot)
S.W.A.T Helmet
– White paint(Blick)
– Arduino Gemma M0
LED Strip
– Chipboard

Here are some Process Images

Since we have 2 pieces of circuit we needed to make a parallel connection, you can use this circuit diagram for reference :

There were many design alteration during the process especially with the costume itself because foam is difficult to work with on the sewing machine, so I had to use foam glue and take for most part. also the head is difficult to carve out so we ended yup using a helmet and painting it white.

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