Yukti’s Little Printer

I find myself at discord between planning digitally vs analog. I like the the ease of thinking about my plan for the day through a digital template. At the same time, I find it a little distraction to refer to my plan digitally. My brain starts to check the other thousands of exciting screens pop ups on my phone. I like the non distracting nature and the touch of analog plans on paper. I like to strike things off that list. This made me think of a my own ‘Little Printer’. Little Printer is a small smart printer, connected to my devices through the internet. It prints me out my to-do and plan for the day every morning at 7am.

Here’s its circuit prototype and a sketch of its form.

Video description:

I plan to make the video very graphic, focusing mainly on the printing aspect. I want to use complementary colors and make the device look very attractive with maybe snippets of the morning story and the evening cooking story or just me speaking the scenario in the backdrop.

Here’s a link to my Instructables account :


Here’s the link to my Google Docs.