Reminise – memory of home away from home

Reminise is a digital photo frame that lights up every time a new photo is added to your shared album. The idea behind this project is very personal since this is my first time away from home and hence, I miss everyone at home quite often. It is designed for everyone who is living alone, away from home. It is a great way for your family and loved ones to let you know every time they miss you by adding a photo to your shared albums, making you feel loved no matter the distance. Here is how you can build this interactive photo frame. 

Final Product



Initial idea was to include 3 LEDs but I could not accommodate 3 LED and photo frame.

Tools and materials used


The biggest challenge was figuring out the circuit. Since I used 12V LEDs for my final model, I had to use transistors and resistors so that the Adafruit Feather Huzzah can support it. Another challenge I faced was connecting the Huzzah to my Adafruit IO and receiving the email. Since the Internet of Things wifi was down at PoD, I had to spend a lot of time to in completing those Instructables lessons. I finally had to complete it with my home wifi network.


The biggest learning for me was the video editing since this was my first time editing a video. Even though the editing took quite a bit of time, especially for such a short video, I am glad I finally did it.

Future Projections

If I had more time, I would have created a fully-functioning photo frame that connects to my phone photo album. I would have gotten a bigger acrylic sheet and made some wooden frames for the acrylic sheet to have a cleaner finish for the entire product. Additionally, I would have spend more time trying to learn video shooting, lighting and editing better, making the video and audio transitions much smoother. Overall, it was an interesting project and I am happy with my final product!