Hi, I am Harsha!

@ Milwaukee Art Museum

I am Third-Culture-Kid, primarily raised in Germany, but I have been in America since 2016. I spent two years in upstate NY studying Computer Science before spontaneously transferring to Chicago to pursue my Bachelors of Architecture. I worked most recently as an architectural designer before arriving at the MFA PoD program.

Growing up I was always more science-math inclined, and changing into Design was a challenge at first. The spontaneous decision came through curiosity, and wanting to have a more cohesive well-rounded education with both technical and humanities classes. By the time I started Architecture school, I hadn’t drawn in 4 years and didn’t have any ‘making’ hobbies. It was intimidating, but by the time I graduated, I was confidently practicing fabrication skills and also had a whole new perspective on the world through design.

As I started working in the real world, I found that I enjoyed designing at smaller scales and various mediums rather than just through physical architectural works. I decided to pursue my masters in pursuit to define more of my design values, goals, and to have fun experimenting with more mediums of design and art. I am excited to combine my prior knowledge and put more physicality to my computing background, and explore other scales of design.

Outside of design I love traveling and visiting museums and galleries, reading design art theory/history books, workout classes, and I’m trying to make an effort in sketching in a new nyc neighbourhood every weekend! Also at my previous university, my friends and I started a student zine, the ig is @cumuluszine, and we ran an art gallery space together.

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