Hi,I’m Jinny

Hi!I’m Yining Zhang, and you can also call me jinny. I come from China,Beijing. I am good at graphic design, animation production, modeling, etc. During my college years, I self-taught the design of game mechanics due to my love for games.

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I strongly agree that game is “the ninth form of art”. Media art is a kind of interactive experience. Its artistry depends on the creator’s exquisite design to make the audience hear the “overtones”. The digital age provides substantial space for the development of computer games. I am attracted by the charm of computer games. In the virtual world constructed by algorithms and modeling, I can freely experience all kinds of life. By studying computer game development mode and application rules, I have realized many whimsical ideas and built a fantasy world that belongs to me. Now, I also want to pass on the happiness I feel in the online game world to others.😉

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