Hi! I’m Zai!

I’m a Brand Strategist and Packaging designer from Mumbai, India. I build identity systems and process-driven experiences for brands that believe in the context of culture. My work stems from various cultural influences that, delve into meaningful narratives, out of the visual fodder around me.

I’ve been working in the space of brand design and strategy to create images and narratives for brands for about 4 years and through these years I’ve had the chance to work with teams and individuals designing for spaces, brands, platforms, and initiatives that believe in the value of good design and the power it has to shape minds. From outputs ranging from Brand strategy, Identity systems, Packaging design, and art direction, I believe in the idea of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Apart from deep dives into artist discographies and endless listening hours, I also work on curating playlists by the day and am always open to requests 🙂


A fun ongoing project I’m constantly working towards – the Women’s Mobility Project that sprouted during the course of Covid with a couple of friends.

Womxn’s Mobility Project is a project that amplifies stories, issues, anecdotes, histories and realities of non-binary, trans and womxn’s mobility in and claim to Indian public spaces. Urban and Online.

From what started as a conversation between three of my colleagues that pursue careers in art, film, and design, we decided to legitimize the project and make it public from an idea to a platform for individuals to share ideas, reflect their thoughts, and express their opinions.

Other than that I’m an outdoorsy person, (used to be) a national-level badminton player, a bouldering enthusiast, see-ing, seeking, and eating!

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