🔧Electrical Stimulation Tens Machine Teardown

I chose to disassemble the Electrical Stimulation Tens machine.

I chose this instrument because it was the only thing on site that I didn’t know about. At first, I thought it was a laser rangefinder, but later I found out through research that it was an instrument closely related to our bodies. This made me very interested and I also wanted to understand the working principle of this instrument.So, let’s go for a look.

Brand:Flex Tens
Type:Circulation Massager
Body Area:Full body,Back,Neck,Arm

The most basic working principle is to generate electrical signals. These electrical signals can be transmitted to the muscles of the body through electrodes, causing muscle contraction. Use fixed frequency and amplitude to ensure stable transmission of electrical signals. It can also be adjusted according to user needs.
Once the muscle stimulator generates an electrical signal, the electrode will be attached to the predetermined muscle. When an electrical signal enters the muscle, the muscle tissue will be stimulated. These stimuli will further promote muscle contraction, thereby stimulating muscle growth.


Video of the entire disassembly process:https://youtu.be/6Uk_w-0qPPw?feature=shared

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———Disassemble annotations———

All components of Electrical Stimulation Tens Machine :

Basic part

  1. 1 LCD screen
  2. 1 amplifier
  3. 4 battery
  4. 1 battery back cover
  5. 2 battery conductive spring (battery connection piece)
  6. 2 conductive adhesive strip
  7. 1 battery conductive spring base plate
  8. 2 plastic case (front+back)
  9. 1 keypad
  10. 1 holder
  11. 1 flat screw
  12. 3 small screw
  13. 1 long screw
  14. 7 electrolytic capacitor
  15. 6 rectifierdiode
  16. 2 transformer
  17. 1 tantalum capacitor
  18. 1 slug
  19. 1 main board

Charger and Conductive wire

  1. 2 plastic case
  2. 8 rectifier diode
  3. 1 transform
  4. 1 main board
  5. 6 electrolytic capacitor
  6. 1 bipolar junction transistor
  7. 1 long screw
  8. 1 light-emitting diode
  9. 3 resistance
  10. 2 tantalum capacitor
  11. wire rubber
  12. 2 wire head
  13. wire

Tools used to take it apart:
1. Screwdriver: Remove all screw connected parts, such as battery cover

2.scissors: The curved shape of the scissors makes it easier to cut parts on the circuit board

3.Wir cutters :Remove the plactic case

Design elements that I like:

1-The portable design is very delicate, and the clip on the back of the shell allows the product to be worn well on the clothes.

2-The design of the amplfier makes the entire instrument sound bright and lively. The design of the bottom LED light provides a good indication of the user’s current situation.

3-Large screen size with clear interface, suitable for users of different age groups

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