Apple watch series 6 Teardown

Apple watch series 6 44mm, featuring a revolutionary Blood Oxygen sensor and app.

1. The reason I choose it

I am very interested in the apple products for a long time and I think apple watch is very small but it has a lot of functions so that I really want to know what make it like this.

2. Tools

Screwdrivers (especially with screwdriver bit Y0.6), tweezer, blades

3. The process

I. Separating screen and base plate.

II. Removing all screws and take out all components.

III. Seperating the base plate into chip modules and sensor modules

I think the whole structure is glued together and the internal precision structure is connected by screws.

Part of teardown process videos

4. Components

The main components in the things I teardown:

Thermal film, wires, microphone, x-axis taptic engine, A2327 battery in 303.8mAh, loudspeaker, gps antenna, SiP, back base plate, screen

I have not teardown in the back base plate:

charging coils, blood oxygen sensors(The Blood Oxygen sensor employs LEDs, along with photodiodes on the back crystal of Apple Watch S6) and heart rate sensors, S6 chip System in Package (SiP), etc.

Something about components:

  1. 100% recycledaluminum case
  2. Arsenic free glass
  3. a sapphire crystaldisplay
  4. S6 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic chip, W3 Apple wireless chip, U1 chip (Ultra Wideband)

5. My thoughts

  • Apple watch uses some kinds of special screws so we have to go to the apple repair center or find special tools to fix it. And also the combination of screen and structure is glue which means when you separate the screen it is very easy to damage it. I think apple really really want you to go to their store and spend lots of money to repair your products.
  • The taptic engine in this watch is relatively large. I think it can give user a very good vibration experience.

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