Ipod Touch Teardown

First Breakdown of iPod touch


1. I need to open the front panel first, you need to use a hair dryer for this step because the front panel is glued.

2. Then we can see the digitizer glass layers, there are some cool multilayer layers in there which make up the display. 

3. After that there are a lot of tiny screws that need to be unscrewed, so be careful, they can get lost if you’re not careful.

4. Once all the screws have been unscrewed, we can take out the mid chassis. 

5. Then there is the main board and the battery, the main board is connected to a lot of small accessories: camera, camera cap, volume buttons cable, ear phone jack….

6. be careful when removing the battery, because it is soft and I always worry that it will explode.

7. when everything is off, we can take off the rubber frame. 

8. When there is only one piece of housing chassis left, the disassembly is finished!

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