Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds Teardown


I’m going to disassemble the Jabra wireless headset. Externally, it comprises two headsets, each equipped with earbuds, two ear wings, a USB cable, and the NFC region, located on the button side. The construction materials predominantly encompass plastic and rubber.

Tools used to take it apart:

Tweezers, screwdriver, and 2-piece plier set (flush cutter and needle nose plier).


1. Clean the earbuds meticulously using moistened wipes.

2. Detach the ear gels..

3. Start from the left ear. As the housing was sealed and therefore I had to be cut with pliers. The housing appears to be plastic made via injection molding.

4.The headphones have microphone on the shank. the shank is made of rubber and can be pried off with a screwdriver and separated from the built-in plastic.

5.The front cover of the left ear is equipped with a dust grill, LED indicator, left and right ear indicators, and the speakers (a diaphragm/cone, a voice coil, a permanent magnet, and a cabinet).

6.There are two built-in button batteries, which are soldered together with the chip and therefore cannot be separated. Additionally, the back cover houses a magnet, the separation of which is impeded by adhesive bonding.

7.The right ear has a slightly different design. It has a charging cover with a charging port inside. There is a rectangular magnet after opening the back cover. Inside is a motherboard which connects to the charging port and the circuit board underneath.

8.The front cover of the right ear also contains a dust grill, left and right ear indicators, and speakers.

9.The NFC zone comprises two volume buttons and a multi-function button, and its plastic framework is crafted through injection molding. The multi-function button encompasses a range of capabilities, including powering the headset on and off, initiating music playback, answering incoming calls, and initiating redialing. The volume buttons serve the dual purpose of adjusting volume levels and facilitating track navigation, both forward and backward.


Design elements that interest me and why the designers make it that way:

1.The headphones come with built-in magnets, aimed at keeping those pesky cables from turning into an unruly mess and ensuring convenient storage. Through my research, I found out that the earbuds will power off after 5 minutes when the magnetic earbuds are separated and the headset is not connected to a mobile device. Also, the headphone cable is shorter and therefore prevents the cable cord from tangling.

2.The headphones have two built-in batteries that are meant to increase the battery life. Based on both manufacturer claims and user feedback, it’s safe to say these headphones boast an impressive battery life.

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