Haley’s Plush Night Light Proposal

My Plush Night is inspired by my own stuffed animals, since most of them are not with me currently, I have decided to make one by myself even with the LED inside.

It would be common to think of beds and nights when you think of fluffy lit objects, nd people want to spend the night with things they love around them. This is the prototype from one of my three ideas, a smiley face but scrub daddy-looking thingy. A smiley face is ubiquitous, and there’s no big reason I decided to make it with this face. I just love the smiley face SO MUCH since all of my tattoos have smiley faces on them and also most of my stuff such as my laptop cover, is made out of a smiley face.

I am planning to sit the lights around the outline of the whole face and the eyes to emphasize the smiley-looking face, and also to compare and give the contrast of the lights and the fabric, I hope I can find a nice fluffy dark-shaded colored one.

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