Night sky inspired Plush Night Light

I have always been inspired by the night sky, and ironically growing up I was terrified of the dark. Putting these two ideas together, I started brainstorming ideas for a plush night light which would light up and make children feel more comfortable in the night inspired by the night sky. During this process I was interested in incorporating magnets into my ideas and having two be a part of one. So I also became interested in the idea of shortening distances for those in long distance partnerships, whether platonic or romantic.

I started a little backwards, I made my first proposal sketch and because I have no sewing experience I wanted to try to make it and see what I could learn from my process. The following is my sketch I made for the night light I prototyped

And the prototype I made:

Then I started some other sketch ideas. I was excited about the use of magnets and thought more about the composition of two plushes together. This proposal includes cut outs and fitting a star into the moon with additional stitching details

My final proposal is inspired by the “story” which got me into space. The minute I heard this fact, I immediately fell in love with the narrative of the universe, and its the simple fact that the earth and moon were once, one piece. For this piece I also start characterising the pieces adding arms and legs, and more white stitch details.

I am leaning towards my third sketch currently, with a crescent moon and a small earth. I enjoy the use of magnets to attach these pieces together. The magnets I used in my prototype were a little weak so I would have to find something stronger, and also figure out if there is a way to keep the magnet in place for where it should stay.

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