Plush NightLight Proposals from Kira

Handle a cute teddy bear doll!

There are three sources of inspiration for me:

1: My first fabric doll from my childhood. Legend has it that every child’s bedside doll accompanies them to dreamland and protects them from nightmares.

2: Mr. Black, who accompanied me when I was the loneliest in my high school years. He came from the miniature world and had no hands but only a pair of long and skinny legs, and he was my favorite friend, and I would take him with me wherever I went, but once I lost him when I took him out of the house, and I was sad for a long time.

3: Still in my happiest childhood, this was my favorite creature to observe-a caterpillar (it didn’t look like much), which meant well, and even though he doesn’t look that great now, he’s going to turn into a beautiful butterfly eventually, which sounds great.

I finally decided on a teddy bear ragdoll because I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and I thought he would help me the most, so I started choosing fabrics and made him a lace choker.

The final product is a little small but looks ok.

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