Angel’s Wings Plush Night Light

A photo of the completed project

My target users are people walking on the road at night, especially children. Walking on the road at night is very dangerous and easily be hit by a car. Therefore, I suggest wearing the night light I designed, which will make the wearer easily visible to drivers. Also, the glowing wings make the one who wears it look like an angel, creating a fairytale mood on a dark night.

Materials: cotton, cotton fabric, small light bulbs, wires and a battery pack.

For this project, I tried sewing LED lights into a plush toy to make the toy glow. I also tried sewing the straps into the wings. I think stuffing the cotton into the straps and sewing the straps into the body was the hardest. If I had more time, I would have strung more lights around the wings to make the outline of the wings glow.


1. First, connect the positive terminal of the LED to the 100 ohm resistor, then connect six LEDs in parallel.

2. Cut the pattern and iron the fabric to make it flat

3. Sew the straps and fill them with cotton.

4. Put the LED light and the battery box into the plush toy, sew the straps into the plush toy, and test the LED light to see if it lights up.

5. Seal all edges with white thread.