Zai’s Ampers’hand Plush night light

Hi folks! Meet Ampers’hand.

Your friendly night light for small groups of people to stay together in a crowd. As public gatherings and events have had a comeback, getting lost in crowds has also had a larger comeback. Initially thought out as an additional assistive hand for mums with more than two children; I soon realized, music festival go-ers, friend groups, tourists etc could get an extra hand.

I wanted to add a third dimension to an ‘alphabet’ or a sign or a universal symbol for this project. The ‘&’ happened to spark my thought further adding to the ‘pun’


Yes, I would like to light it up with a touch sensor so that it blinks every time someone touches the Ampers’hand. But with my limited knowledge with circuits, I could only make it blink.

My intention with the light is to make the users feel at ease and comfortable to be with their close ones.

Materials I used for this project were Foam Stuffing, Cotton cloth, and wire. This also happens to be my first time sewing and using a needle and cloth so it was quite challenging to work my way around a shape this complex.

Due to some difficulties, I had to cut of a certain part of the ‘&’ so that the later stages of folding the cloth inside-out or stuffing or wiring wouldn’t be a problem

For the ease of stuffing, I had to keep multiple openings on the &.

If there’s one think I’d like to change about this, it would be adding multiple LED’s to it for it to feel like a night light in full effect. The wiring ended up getting slightly loose once put in.