Haley’s Blushed Scrub daddy

My Plush Night draws inspiration from my personal collection of stuffed animals. Since they’re not currently with me, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a plush companion featuring built-in LED lights. When envisioning soft, illuminated objects, beds and nights naturally come to mind. People often seek to surround themselves with things they love as they settle in for the night. The ubiquitous smiley face exudes a positive vibe, creating a cheerful atmosphere before I embark on a restful night’s sleep.

Material used: Two red light bulbs, Battery pack, and Soft white blanket for the fabric.

In crafting this plush toy, I decided to utilize a sewing machine, which I hadn’t used in quite some time. Initially, getting started proved a bit challenging, but once I did, I found that it significantly expedited the process and resulted in a neatly defined outline for my plush toy. Additionally, following a conversation with Becky in the last class, I experimented with splitting the inner surface of the pierced sections. This approach proved to be incredibly beneficial, especially when working on the invisible stitch.