Squeeze Toy Madmad

My toy is called Madmad, and it serves two purposes: helping adults overcome sleep difficulties and assisting individuals in relieving stress.

As children, many of us find comfort in holding onto something to fall asleep. This habit often continues into adulthood. Madmad is designed to cater to this need. Inside, I’ve placed plastic and paper, so when it’s squeezed, it produces a soothing noise that helps people release their stress.

Madmad is divided into three parts: the eyes, the body, and a button. The toy is designed to enclose a ball within it, featuring LED lights, buttons, and soft cotton material. When the button is pressed, Madmad’s ears light up, creating a calming atmosphere.

This versatile toy can be placed on bedside tables, in office rooms, or taken along while traveling. I’ve added a convenient button, making it easy for people to carry it anywhere they go.

The head wires incorporate LEDs and buttons. As you approach the toy, the LED lights will open.