Jinny’s felt cloth luminous night light

The “Fish Illuminating the Night” is designed for the baby

Can be hung on the crib as a companion for babies to sleep with

Inspiration Story: The underwater world is pitch black and mysterious, with little stars trembling and hiding by the coral. Suddenly, a little light came from afar, illuminating the blue sea as it approached. Little Star curiously asked, “How did you bring the sun to the bottom of the sea!”

Materials: cotton, felt, small light bulbs, wires, and battery packs.

In this project, I attempted to sew LED lights into plush toys to make them a night light.

1.Draw the pattern and staple it onto the fabric with a needle

2.Sewing facial features

3.Cutting and Sewing of Overall Shape

4.Reverse fabric+Completion of the toy fabric section

5.Connecting LED lights

6.Production of lamp coverings


8.Filling cotton and stitching openings