Emma’s Lesson 4 HW & Halloween Ideas

My Custom TinkerCad

Lantern Fly (Group project: Swarm of Lantern Flies)
– Lights blink when (gently) whacked
– Fall to the ground for dramatic effect
– motion / pressure sensor

YES CHEF (Sydney from The Bear)
– Part of the costume (knife or “I love to cook” apron?” lights up when voice activated by “Yes Chef”

– Crochet wearable web + led strip
– motion sensor

Rat Czar
– T shirt with rats
– Small garbage bin?

One thought on “Emma’s Lesson 4 HW & Halloween Ideas”

  1. I think the idea is very interesting, I think the dynamic effect of the spider is probably the best, and the lanternfly falling to the ground is funny, but there may be a stampede risk

    The idea of multiple parts of a mouse creating an overall effect is great to me, and maybe it can be extended to other ideas, such as lanternflies having tentacles

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