Jinny Homework Exercises Led and Halloween

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2⃣️Try some new things:

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Halloween Costume Ideas

idea 1:

The monitor camera man

A viral short video from YouTube featuring a unique visual effect, meaningless nature, and relatively short playback time, the monitor camera man has become a novelty Internet meme

As a monitor for the character’s head, I will use EVA board or thick cardboard for the production of the head. I will stick a black transparent cardboard on the screen and add it inside ⭕ A type of LED light strip, simulating the light circle in the monitor camera.

idea 2:


From the famous puzzle escape game — Rusty Lake

In an unfortunate family like ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, Albert personally killed the butterfly from his childhood and began his terrifying journey of revenge

I will make a paper mask that can be worn on my face, and make a knife with a glowing butterfly on it. Below the butterfly, red cloth will be used to make blood stains.

idea 3:


From the best selling horror electronic games— Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Overlord and terrifying daycare – ‘Sunshine’ will be a terrifying character in Halloween

I will use cardboard newspaper and tissue to make it and color the face. The face can rotate and the sunlight part can stretch. I will make a paper mechanism that pulls and stretches.

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  1. Your character ideas are truly amazing Jinny! They’re so detailed and intruiging. Whichever you end up picking is surely going to take a a lot of work. While I think the Five night’s at Freddy’s is the most beautiful its going to take a lot of effort and time while productionising this. Would suggest the first or the second, as its a lot more feasible. Suggestion ( with the monitor camera man, would suggest placing a lazer coming out of the the camera) would so damn cool

  2. These are really incredible! Your drawings are amazing. I think the camera man and the sunshine seem most doable. The butterfly one may be a little more confusing without having a table in the parade. But ultimately I think all are possible and would go with what excites you the most. Excited to see where you land!!

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