Tao Tao’s Neopixels Arduino & Halloween Ideas

Edited Neopixel Circuit

Link to Tinkercad: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/lordXM5II0h-copy-of-rgbw-strand-test/editel?sharecode=o4KlNiT9zOYaccOZBCXYyOceIZkJhiGB-visSHzbC6Y

The original Neopixel circuit

Now for Halloween costume ideas…!

I picked three ideas from a larger brainstorm that also included:
– Space debris (space trash??)
– Household electronics (eg rice cooker, water boiler, microwave…)

I think I could use more thinking in terms of how to program the LEDs in an interesting way for the costume, but this is a starting point. Aaand I brought the anglerfish back!

I’m very excited to see what ideas others come up with—I’d love to be part of a collaborative costume in some way.

4 thoughts on “Tao Tao’s Neopixels Arduino & Halloween Ideas”

  1. I think the variety of angles you are approaching your halloween ideas are good, you get a lot of ideas from a range of themes. One of the critiques i have is to think about time constraints as well, the scale of the costumes look a bit ambitious with our time frame, specifically the carousal. I would consider scaling down ideas, to get a more polished project. Also consider the weight of the objects that come with the scale of them, for when you are walking in a parade. Personally I love the Carousal idea, it is very interesting because it is a collection of “objects” but so recognisable with the pole extending from the body. However I would be concerned about the weight of it, researching about what materials would be lightweight would be helpful in pushing this idea further. The vanity mirror is at a more realistic scale but I would maybe push for more light diffusion ideas which is why the angler fish and the carousal stands out more.

  2. I VOTE VANITY MIRROR! The other may be labor intensive (although the carousel horse stole my heart). You can be the ring light for our cohort! You can also have soo many props on the base of the mirror to create a nice story with just the objects on the mirror base. What if there was a murder in the vanity room? What if someone just gave birth in that vanity room? Make it horror.

  3. I think every idea will work out Great in the end, and the only thing to worry about is which one to choose and how to implement it better.

    And maybe Erica’s stick horse will come true? Maybe you can work together Haha

  4. Your ideas all have a sense of humor!! Love them so much! And the second idea seems like you can continue your idea with the plush night light lol. But I vote for the third one too! It’s active, vivid, and full of interaction, u can demon some actions on the surface and also let people join you. Love that!!

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