Jin’s NeoPixels and Halloween Ideas

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Halloween custom brainstroming:

The first idea—Alfredo in <ratatouille>

<ratatouille> is one of my favourite cartoon movies, i want to cos the hero-Alfredo Linguini in that movie with rhmy in his hat which comes from a scenario of the movie when Alfredo pass by an light, the Silhouette of rhmy come out.

The second idea-Mathilda in <leon the professional>

<leon- the professional >is one of my favorite movies which also happend in newyork. Due to cutting my hair recently, i come up with an idea that maybe i can act Mathilda who has same haircut with me. And i decided put the arduino in the plant taht leon hold.

The third idea-B&B UP chairThe first Italian product “with a political meaning”

UP chair was designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969 and is one of my favorite armchairs. It combines Social philosophy, physical aesthetics, and modern technology into one. The footrest represents prejudice against women which means a lot in modern society. And I’m going to put the light in the ball footrest.

The chair and ottoman are attached by a chain, in a deliberate reference to “a female-shaped body with the prisoner’s ball chained to its foot”

4 thoughts on “Jin’s NeoPixels and Halloween Ideas”

  1. Hey Jin! I love your ideas — super thoughtful and original. Obviously, I *love* the Ratatouille silhouette idea. I think it’s so playful, and will prompt such a wonderful reaction from onlookers.

    The second two ideas are really fascinating, my main thought is that they may require explanation, which can be a chore for you. The chair I’m not as clear how it would work, logistically, but I really love the concept.

    Excited to see what you create!

  2. Love the third idea!!! But it’s just a little bit hard to imagine what the final look gonna be hahaha, you can consider using some soft materials like rubber, fabric, or foam to make your shape fit your body well!!!

  3. 同意Taotao的想法,第一个很形象,后面两个可能需要解释,我很喜欢你画的第二个“杀手不太冷”的剪影
    Agree with Taotao’s idea, the first one is very graphic, the latter two may need to be explained, I really like your drawing of the second “killer is not too cold” silhouette

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