4 thoughts on “Halloween costume ideas”

  1. It’s effective that your ideas are all one component, I think it definitely would be doable within our time frame. Personally the white bones idea is the most interesting one to me in terms of construction and material. It would be cool to see how you build up the shape of the bones, maybe with paper mache? I would suggest changing your light sensor strategy because in the parade everyone will be really close together this sensor might not be very effective. Perhaps think about a vibration or tilting sensor which are easier to do in the context of a parade.

  2. 超级吓人,很有感觉,还有哥你真搞卫生巾呀哈哈。感觉和那个变声器的面具挺搭的
    It’s so scary, it feels so good, and you really use sanitary napkins haha. Sounds like a good match for the mask of the voice changer

  3. Hey Yifan! I love the idea of Period pad! It is kinda something but SO FUN! I wonder how are you going to build the costume for this one. Glowing and shining period, I cant wait to see!

  4. Hey Yifan! I think the first and third idea are better, especially the third. Can’t wait to see a big period pad on the street!

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