3 thoughts on “Haley’s NeoPixels and Halloween kickoff”

  1. Oh my God, you can go with Harsha haha, the jellyfish can be more abstract, feel the jellyfish if it is very high effect will be cool, you can consider raising the jellyfish with an very high umbrella (Add a stick?)

  2. I loveeee the jellyfish idea but you also know this already, I think its so cute and also can explore a lot of material fabrications. I was thinking similar constructing on top of an umbrella and adding a sensor element to the umbrella as well for some interaction with the LED. Maybe thinking about scale as well, with how long the pieces fall from the top of the umbrella and how covered you are when wearing it will help further develop the idea

  3. Love the sketches!!!! And u can explore a lot of ways to make the shape of jellyfish, it will be a lot of fun I believe!!

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