Zai’s Neopixels and Halloween Costume Ideas

I wish I could convince 14 y/o Zai to get her hands dirty with Arduinos that time. But I can sure tell 25 y/o Zai that she did it. And she’s doing it well.

My Custom Tinkercad

Halloween Costume IDEAS

  1. Amitabh Bachchan – Saara Zamana – One of the most iconic Bollywood singles from the early 80s by this legendary Actor in Indian Cinema.

While he’s worn lines of individual bulbs, I was thinking of recreating it with LED Strips and with a speaker output playing the song on queue. Weird? Too much? I know 🙂

2. Linguini Caught with Remy – Rataouille ref

A lit-up chef’s hat with Remy’s silhouette through the hat. With a speaker with playing the score once the light turns on

If my sketch doesn’t do justice (we have the same hair)

7 thoughts on “Zai’s Neopixels and Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. I really like your first idea! It’s a good combination between costume and led lights! And maybe you can make the light flash match the rhythm!

  2. I like both of your ideas, but my favorite one is the first one because the combination of light and costume is perfect and it’ll be a good opportunity to let people know about the Indian movie culture. OMG but I also like rata*(&*(&&(i don’t know how to spell the movie’s name).

  3. Zai, I LOVE the idea of Amitabh Bachchan’s outfit!! This is giving the main character vibe! It would look so much better if there’s color variation on the LED. However, I highly agree that if you make a collaboration with Jin as a couple from Ratatouille!

  4. Go for the first one! It’s more unique and you can show us the dance 🙂 Love the GIF with the booty shake 😂

  5. I adore both the Amitabh Bachchan vision and the Ratatouille vision…. hard decision ahead!!

    I think the Bachchan one could be doable! using sequin strip fabric instead of pixels when you want.

    However, I think you all have an amazing plan stirring for Ratatouille and I fully support!!!!! I am down to help cook us all ratatouille for a feast that night!

  6. The first idea is the best! If you choose it, please show a dance video to the class!

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