3 thoughts on “Nymph’s Lesson 4 Assignments”

  1. All three ideas are so cool, but my favorite one is the second one(also the third one, but i think handy is too complicated to make, and putting light in it is not that reasonable). For the second one, You can simulate the effect of a beating heart with lights, and that would be so great!

    1. First, I love how you sketched your ideas on a black background — so smart! Makes so much sense to demonstrate the lighted elements in the dark.

      I agree with Jin – I think the second one is most compelling and super interesting. Lots of room to explore when it comes to the design and the lighting elements. (Wednesday would definitely be a hit too—the corset I’m not as clear on the overall costume/character.)

      For the heart material, I think you could play around with a lot of different things, including fabric, wire, etc. (if 3D printing is too time-intensive). Excited to see what you create!

  2. Hey Nymph! I like all of your sketch ideas but my fav is the last one, the Wednesday. It would be cool if you print the hand with 3d printed, make it hallow so you can put the LED inside of the hand make another lid(Top part of the hand) to open/close it! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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