Harsha Halloween Progress

The costume is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and the purpose is mainly for me to experiment a bit more with the physical coding aspect. I am not super comfortable in costumes, so I felt that building a costumer off accessories was something I was able to also learn more arduino for.

Supplies (95% ordered)

Rest of outfit

Most of my progress this week was on my code, so I will start with the tinkercad files.

Tinkercad Link — I am not sure if this is the right format of the link? I did send to -> invite people.


One of the ideas I was trying was to do a colour swipe but each next Led to light up (i+1) would be less bright than the one before. So that with each swipe it fades a little more. I had a difficult time figuring out how to make this happen, and it turns out its a lot more mathematical and complicated than I was able to work out myself. I was able to find an open sourced code for this from another tinkercad circuit made by Abhishek Ghosh. I used this within my code so that when the potentiometer at A0 is turned it speeds up the circuit (the parameter of delay changes).

The second potentiometer will be controlling the brightness of the led strip which will be on the inner side of the clock acting as a backlit effect.

In terms of the physical clock, I have started cutting out foam core for my base but realized pretty quick that I needed another iteration of sketching to know how the clock and lights would be layered. I started soldering a little bit but not the pieces of the circuit together yet, just the ring Arduino pieces.

Here is an updated sketch of what I am thinking of for making the physical clock.

I need to this week build my clock structure and attach my circuit on to it.