Carol’s Halloween Costume Process

My costume will focus on long light up nails. It basically includes a set of ten long nails. It works with many Halloween sets such as vampires, ghouls, mummies. etc. It’s intent is to scare people and add interest to a normal scary Halloween set.


Use Band-Aid Waterproof Tape to make ten finger cots.

Wire ten LEDs in series-in progress

Tinkercad circuit:

Specific supplies list: 

Band-Aid Waterproof Tape

NeoPixel Mini Button PCB

To do list: 

1. Wire the ten LEDs in series, and stick them to the finger cover at a certain angle.

2.Glue acrylic nails to the finger cots.

3.Refine the Arduino code, try to make more effects.

4. Test on the LED lights.