Carol’s Halloween Red Glowing Nails

I made red nails that can “breathe”. Their light can change from dark to light and back again. I made these nails because I thought it would be fun to go out on Halloween wearing glowing red nails. I thought these finger covers are really easy to wear. During the process of making this project, I learned that LED lights easily broken and it is better to keep a few extra LED lights on hand for this type of project. If I were to recreate the project, I would like to make things that can use light strips, such as making lighted gloves. It took me a lot more time than I thought it would because the LEDs broke so often.

Materials and parts:

Nail covers: Band-Aid Waterproof Tape

NeoPixel Mini Button PCB

Acrylic Long Nail Tips

Circuit diagram

Arduino code


1. Use Band-Aid Waterproof Tape to make ten finger cots.

2. Wire ten LEDs in series

3. Test

4. Stick them to the finger cover.

5. Glue acrylic nails to the finger cots (on the top of LEDs).