Carol’s Final Project Concept

  1. Playback Counting Board designed for YouTubers. After the video playback reaches a specific value, the YouTube acrylic panel light on the desktop will be turned on. This can result in different colors for different values, or the higher the value (of viewers), the more saturated the color.

2. A desktop weather display board to remind you to wear sunglasses or bring an umbrella. For example, on a sunny day, the light on the board that indicates the sun will light up, and on a rainy day it is the light that indicates the rain will light up.

3. Pomodoro timer. When you have studied for 40 minutes, the timer will start flashing and then play music. When the user clicks the button with his/her hand, it stops and the timer starts counting down for 5 minutes, after which it rings the school bell. After 5 minutes it will ring the school bell. After the user stops the timer by clicking the button with his/her hand, the machine will start counting down again for 40 minutes.

4. Divination/ Astrology/ soothsayers crystal ball. When your hand is close to the crystal ball for a period of time, the heat sensor will sense the heat and will light up the built-in LED lights, so that the crystal ball will show different colors. When you have this crystal ball, you can be a soothsayers/ psychics/ fortune tellers/ mediums!

Knowledge about origins and uses of the crystal ball:

5. A course feedback board designed for professors. Our professors always want to know if students like their classes, but if they ask them directly, students are often afraid to speak up. I plan to make a like-dislike button set. Each student can hit it when they are dissatisfied with a class. The statistics will be shown as a number on the board at the end of the semester. A similar concept is the after-school feedback mountain. Dissatisfied students can touch it after a lecture. As the number of touches increases, the color of the mountain gets progressively darker.

I’m also interested in making some magnetic levitation effect devices! Like making the crystal ball levitable.