Jinny ‘s final project ideas

1:Slot machine Help you choose

Designed for me who chooses phobia—When you need to make a choice, go to the category you want to make a choice on the machine, like “What to eat,” “What to wear,” and then tap the top of the slot machine, and the slot machine will help you make a choice

2: Coin sorting + counting piggy banks

As a newcomer to the United States,I can’t remember the denomination of each coin, and I was eager to find out how much my coins added up to, so I needed a piggy bank. It can automatically sort the denomination of coins and calculate the total, and the savings calculation is very practical.

3: Office chair that vibrates

Work or study sitting too long is not good for your health, there is a timer on the chair, when you sit and study for many hours without getting up, the chair will vibrate and swing and light up the red light, indicating you: hurry up and rest for a while