Harsha’s Progress

I am choosing to go with my idea of text to fax where it prints out select text messages. The idea is that these text messages will go in a queue and then when the user puts their hands above the sensor it will print out one of the text messages in the queue. I know there are a couple text brokers out there where you can send text through them and they’ll connect with the wifi board. I am still figuring out the text input but I have started my materials list and the circuit diagram.

Final Idea Materials List

Text to Fax printer

-Thermal Printer (Looks like Adafruit discontinued their thermal printers so here is one from Seeed studio, I read on the forums they are basically equivalent)

-Thermal Paper

1 Motion Sensor

– 1 Led (2 settings–One for printing, One for no new messages)

-Ping Pong ball (or smaller–for diffusion of sensor)

– Adafruit Wifi-Compatible Board

-For the messages to print, I might use Mosquitto as my text broker but still researching on this

Circuit Diagram