Yuancong Jing’s concept

Aroma diffuser for Meditate

I want to use Arduino to do a project; use an aroma diffuser to help people meditate; first, the aroma diffuser can be equipped with a bracelet, which can be placed on top of the aroma diffuser. At the same time, the bracelet can rotate on the aroma diffuser, so that , this bracelet can control the startup time and timing of the aromatherapy machine. Second: this bracelet can be taken off and turned in the hand, just like normal people use Buddhist beads. As the user turns the smart bracelet, the fragrance of the aromatherapy machine will also change. It can get thicker and thicker. Because this rotation process controls the switch of the aroma diffuser to release fragrance.

I have already have a idea of how the things works, The part list is below:

  • Hall Effect Sensor: For detecting the magnetic connection.
  • Rotary Encoder: Installed on the bracelet for tracking rotations.
  • Arduino Control Board: To process signals and control logic.
  • Bluetooth Module: For wireless communication between the bracelet and diffuser.
  • Relay Module: To control the power and intensity of the diffuser.
  • LED Lights and/or Buzzer: For user feedback.
  • Battery: To power the bracelet.

I might need a smell Arduino set into the bracelet, for this Rotary encoder to works.

This is a hard concept. But i really want to try. i have already draw the concept and made quick model just like the image i uploaded.