A time thief from Jingting!

It’s sad to mention that we are always so busy every day. We have no time to sleep. We have no time to cook. We have no time to do the laundry. We completely lost our personal life.

I was always thinking about if I have 20 more minutes a day, what would I do? Maybe make a phone call to my mom? (She’s concerning about me but I don’t have enough time to share my life with her) Maybe keep a diary? Maybe just do a massage after a shower which makes me both healthier and happier?

!!! Stop daydreaming!!! If I have 20 more minutes a day, I’d rather sleep or doing homework!!!

So I designed a clock which has two modes. In the regular mode, the time is same with outside world. But for the stealing time mode, there is only 59 minutes in an hour, which means, after a hurry day, when you change your clock from stealing time mode to regular mode, you will have 24 more minutes to enjoy your personal life!

Feel happy? (Yes!!!)

I’m going to use an LCD screen for this project. I already have that in the sensor kit I bought from China! (It seems I also have a clock module. But I’m not sure how to use that.) After searching for some sample code on the internet, I’ll use millis to count time, and then print them out. I’m still a little bit not sure about which structure will I use. I’ll search them deeper tonight after posting the blog.

Sample code: https://github.com/joonyeechuah/digital_clock/blob/master/digital_clock.ino


On Instructables, I also saw some awesome mechanical clock drove by a motor. I’ll also take them in consideration.


The problem I realized are:

  1. Is a battery can run a long time? Several passages I read mentioned about that.
  2. How to set up the time at the beginning?
  3. If the battery run out, how to reset time?
  4. Can I choose how many minutes I want to steal from an hour? If I don’t want my user to change in the code, is there any other ways to do that? Maybe from Bluetooth?

A crab and three claws’ story


One day, a crab lost his claw. He cried sadly beside the river. Suddenly, he saw a woman, holding a gold claw and asked him: “is it your gold claw?”The crab answered:” no.” After a while, the women brought a silver claw and asked him: “Is the silver one yours?” The crab said: “No, it isn’t.” Finally, the woman brought a black claw, and the crabs said happily: “This is my claw!” At last, the crab got the gold claw, the silver claw and his own claw, for he is an honest crab.

3 ideas for plush nightlight

First idea!



When kids feel afraid during the night, the plush nightlight can not only give them a warm hug, but can also beak back monsters! (Hey! Watch out my lightning sword!)


Second idea!


When different season comes, the light will change its color.


Third idea!



When I was at a young age, my mom was always busy with her work. One of the biggest dream in my childhood was listening my mom’s story until fell asleep.

If the light is here, mom is here. With brightness and sweet voice of mom, kids will feel safe.


by Jingting