Halloween and Neo Pixels

Blue and Green Neo Pixels
Regular Neo Pixel Stick


Below are three of my ideas for Halloween. The first one from the left is simply a wire crown, with a ping ping ball at the center. The ping pong ball would have an LED in the center, and then wires would run to the backside, where there would be a switch. The second idea is a mask with X’s for eyes. This might be a bit tricky, either by sewing two LED strips onto the mesh fabric, or sewing individual LEDs. The mask would be worn more on my forehead than eyes, since I would probably burn my retina if I had X’s over my eyes. The last one is a string of LED’s with plastic bugs glued onto them.

3 Simple Sketches

To make the above props for costumes I would need: wire, thread, rope, needle, LED strips or individual bulbs, ping pong ball, glue gun, batteries, battery holder with switch.