Flush Nightlight – Runshi Wei

Proposal 1 Dandelion

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I want to design a box and fake dandelion inside. When people blow at the side of box, people will see the swing of dandelion and will get the floral smell. The LED is the fake glow worm. People can see a view that several glow worms fly in the swing dandelion with floral smell.

Proposal 2 Flush skull

Skull is horrible and heavy. I want to use artificial cotton to make a skull shape. And the light of LED will come out from the eyes and nose. I hope people can use it in the dark night!

Proposal 3 Light in mouth

It is very ridiculous that some people want to eat light bulb. PLEASE DO NOT TRY! Because you can not take it out any more. So I design a light mask. It seems like there is a light bulb in your mouth.