Cardboard Party Favor

I call these cardboard party favors “PLATS”. They provide a platform for fun, memory, and connection. After researching party favors, I focused on the question “Why do we give party favors?”

Here is my process:

I began with exploring  food experiences that could fit the multiple contexts that party favor are used in. What I found interesting was the act of sharing, and connection in the situations among the participants. I feel that we can take away more from the experience than a simple party favor. I sought to explore the connections between the quest, and host that could activate the space shared.

“PLATS” are easy to make. All you need is cardboard and some colorful string. You can work with different shapes to change it up. You can make as many to include all your party or select groups. A easy fun way to create an experience that they can take away and share.

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