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Wallets were once considered containers for paper currency. That has since changed, today what you carry is not as important as how much information it retains. Introducing the Automatic Wallet…

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A wallet that automatically scans business cards and receipts, reducing pocket clutter.

 The Process

Mind Mapping_sketching Sketching

I began by looking up the definition of what “wallet” means, then I did a mind map of how that definition has evolved over time.



Next I asked my fellow classmates to share some painpoints about their wallets. What I found out is that men and women have very different needs.  But the common attribute is that both groups want to reduce clutter.

My hypothesis: Wallets are filled with junk. People want to digitalize things like receipts and business cards quickly so they can access them later.



My concept is based on the small card reading technology of Square and a small ID holder wallet. I’ve decided to create a men’s wallet that can scan business cards and receipts so that information can be accessed later. I sketched a couple of ideas and looked for some inspiration online. My final design incorporates an LCD screen that displays credit card balances and newly inputted contact details. The information can then be portered to a person’s email or phone contact list.



I started out by making a cardboard version by hand. The results were effective but a bit crude.  The edges frayed and the integrity of the fold was compromised because of the scoring.


To refine the design I used a laser cutter. I created an illustrator file that contained the blueprints and then printed out the design several times, exploring different cardboard materials and thicknesses. Then I used glue to put the components together.

Next Steps

I’d like to insert a real LCD screen and Square card reader into a wallet. I’d also like to bind the prototype with leather to make the material more durable. I found several leather shops in the garment district that have thickness that will house a small LCD screen.


Author: George Crichlow

About Me: I am a Strategist interested in the relationships between people, culture and technology. My ambition is to create products and services that have commercial and cultural impact.

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