Transforming Chandelier

My final project will be a transforming chandelier that hangs on the wall. My original idea was to have a form changing chandelier hanging from the ceiling with 3-dimensional form, but because of technical difficulties and my limitations on the skills I have right now, I wanted to figure out 2-d structure first so I can take it further later on for it to be 3-d.


My goal is to have at least 3 shapes available for transformation, which will be controlled with wireless remote like what Richard Clarkson is doing with his Cloud, using Xbee module. Remote will have 3 different settings for the 3 shapes, and one “auto” button for the chandelier to constantly change the form automatically. I did some drawings in illustrator for an example of how the form might change:


Moving parts = motors + gears, so I’ll be looking into some references online.

Aesthetically, the chandelier will have traditional forms, possibly showing some mechanical parts as well. I’m having a hard time figuring out the moving system in 2d right now, so I’ll be building models in cad to get some basic idea of how it should work.

The chandelier will be targeted to customers that like to show off their home to the guests that they invite and amuse them with their cool objects that decorate their environment. I want the chandelier to look like it would be sold at a luxury lighting design company, which will help me to decide what kind of material I’ll be using for the final model and how the structure is built.

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