Secret World

I am really interested in doing something for kids. Although I almost sealed on the idea of safety device for women, the idea for designing something for kids is holding my interest more.

From one of my previous project, I have been really interested in how kids create space and environment with their imagination. Under the desks, inside cartons, surrounding with pillows, etc.


I want to create something for this space which celebrates their imagination, encourages story making and telling, stimulation for crafting own fun activities etc. I can either build a simple tent shape with wood, or work with an existing one like this below – Froggy+Fun+Play+Tent

I will update with a more concrete interaction soon. Open to suggestions and teaming up!

One thought on “Secret World”

  1. Hi Vidhi, your inspiration is solid but your proposal is waaaaay too vague. You need a way more specific audience in mind (what age? what activity do you want to promote? “creativity” is not sufficiently specific. Please specify what technology you are considering to use– sensors? lights? and why? I’m having trouble giving you suggestions because your goal is still too undefined. what would be the definition of success with regards to your project? Narrow it down and update your post, and i expect you to come to class with a first draft of your project, so either get building on that wooden structure or find that perfect fabric tent ASAP.

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