Somni Lamp (Isioma’s Innovative Switch)

The brief for this project was to explore innovative switches and user stories. I am, as a newly initiated graduate student, rather short on sleep, and often go to bed jittery, either dwelling on the day I had, or the projects I have due in.

I designed the lamp that would help center a user’s thoughts and mood before bed. It is supposed to initiate a meditative pause before he or she succumbs to exhaustion, thus guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. It is a soothing, ethereal light that is able to provide calm to the user if or when woken up  during the night.


The Lamp Structure:

1.  Soldered, galvanized steel frame. It was a little difficult to solder the steel at first, so I sanded down the touch-points: that helped.

2. I used urhyu paper – the texture is beautiful and also as dream-like as the light emanating from the lamp.

3. I soldering together two ultra-bright white LEDs

4. I used a photo-resistor as well as an ambient light sensor.

5. I modified the photo-resistor code found on Adafruit. This meant that the LEDs would burn brighter in low light, and be dimmer in bright light. This I controlled using the serial monitor function; I was able to calibrate the light response by restricting the input range.

This was fun! I enjoyed making something I would definitely use in real life.

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