Hi, I’m Gaoming :)

I’m from Fujian, China. Before studying at PoD, I was majored in Graphic Design at Binghamton University. During my 4-year undergraduate, I was a layout designer for the campus newspaper organization-Pipe Dream, I enjoyed arranging photos and texts within the newspaper page, and catching up the deadlines every midnight.

I’m also really into theater productions, especially musicals. I enjoyed seeing plays so much that I decided to obtain a minor in theater technical productions. While working at the woodshop building varies sceneries, I was able to learn how to cut woods, paint scenes, and cooperate with the team to construct the stage.

Upon my experiences, I’ve never get to work with electronics before, so I’m very excited and worried about the upcoming Arduino project at the same time. And I believe whatever the outcomes, it would become a great experience for me.