Isabell’s Plush Night Light: DIY ACBF (Anyone Can Be Fashionable)


After prototyping, I have decided to change the design of my plush night light from bear to rabbit shaped. I wanted to use the paisley design to be part of the clothes rather than the entire fabric. I felt like this would have completed the doll and brought balance. Therefore, I strategized again how to create this bunny.

This is the layout of how my bunny will turn out.

Target User:

The user target is for users who keep up to fashion trends and may want a fashionable doll but may not have enough money to invest in an expensive high-end item. This will be a DIY kit that keeps up to trends in patterns and design that can be made at home! The colors, patterns, and shape will be updated to the upcoming trend. The paisley print is up to date on fashion trends now and so are pearls. The colors used is for stress relieving color which is blue but classic blue is also 2020 Pantone color. Anyone who desires a fashionable item may feel trendy and also easy for the eye to see with the color that brings relief. This doll can be for younger kids or of any age that are trendy and may want a fashionable object that is affordable.


These are the parts before the light was inserted and stitched together.

Here is the circuit board that I created. This took pliers, wires, soldering materials, LEDs, battery pack, and AAA batteries.


I would say the challenges of this journey was to make this product as fashionable as possible but easy to follow along. The bear in the beginning after trial and error seemed not balanced enough to be presented. After a lot of thinking and changing the design of the animal and only using the paisly pattern on the ears and the clothes it felt more complete. What surprised me was that it turned out way more complete than I thought so changing up my design and strategy was a good idea. That is the beauty of prototyping. The challenge was to finding the circuit board however the product is too small and the battery pack was too big so there was nothing that could be done unless I tape the battery pack to the back but I did not want to do that.


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