Qiting’s Halloween costume

Final outcome

Design concept

This is a vampire bride costume that I designed for Halloween. I made a black wedding veil(hair pieces) and dressed it with 1o led randomly. Also,  I wanted it to light up when it was shaken slightly, but it failed after testing with a vibration switch.


  1. Led strip(ws2812b)
  2. Vibration sensor switches(For testing)
  3. Two fabric materials to make a black wedding veil(hair pieces)
  4. A hairpin
  5. A ghost toy decoration
  6. Black wire
  7. Hot glue
  8. Sewing kit

Making process

Step 1: I made a hair piece of black wedding veil by using two different fabric and a hairpin.

Step 2: Cut 10 leds from the Neopixel strip and solder them one by one. Each led was tested once to ensure that there will be no improper connection problems.

Step 3: Glue the leds to the headwear with hot glue. I tested the vibration switch and found out that the vibration switch doesn’t work pretty well. The switch cannot detect the head slightly wobbling sensitively. It only work when shaking head wildly. So I removed the switch.


One thought on “Qiting’s Halloween costume”

  1. Looking good, Ting! It looks like you might be running RGBW configuration on RGB pixels. Try removing the W from the neopixel strip definition, and you should get more intentional color results.

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