MoodCloak – Isabell’s Halloween Costume

The Story:

This is going to be a mood cloak for vampires only. This cloak will be able to detect vampire’s mood. Just like a mood ring, it is going to change colors according to the mood of the vampire who wears it. The colors will be:

Red = Happy, I’ll conversate

Blue = Angry.

Green = Thirsty, Don’t Bother Me

Purple = Feeling Nice Today

All sorts of colors = Sleepy, bye

This cape is for vampires and vampire’s friends who cannot tell their expression in their faces. The mood will be able to help friends and also help the vampire understand their emotions. We all know vampires are emotionless and maybe sometimes as vampires’ friends, we need to understand their mood so we will not get eaten.


What I learned through this process is that the story of the product matters. When you put in the meaning of the product, it brings the product to life. A struggle I came across was working through Arduino Code but it was my first time but I think after experimenting it has worked out! I also think my soldering skills are improving day by day.

Materials & Links:

  1. Black Cloak:
  2. RGB LED Lights:
  3. More Wires:,8088:A,9266:C,8091:A,8534:A&rmdValue=p98277150:vt-1.0.0:p209460023&isAddedCart=


Arduino Codes:

In Process:

Sleepy Vampire

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