Emma’s Plush Night Light Proposal

The mushroom plush nightlight is the perfect companion when it gets dark. It’s designed with a small child in mind so the stem is easy to hold. The mushroom plush can also stand on its own so it can be placed on a bedside table or where light is needed. While the red fabric is opaque, the white dots are made of a more translucent material to allow the nightlight to softly glow through the spots. They’re intentionally placed in clusters so that one side is brighter and the other, with fewer spots, is less bright. Rotate the mushroom depending on where you want the light directed.

For this prototype I used felt for the stem, knit fabric for the mushroom cap and a woven fabric for the white spots. For the final plush I am considering a more textured fabric for the red cap (like corduroy?). It may also be nice for the material of the white spots to make a crinkle sound when touched.

Ideas for iterations: I thought it would be cool to make the stem detachable with its own light so the user could have the option of a more pinpointed flashlight as well.

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